“Mommy, I love bok choy!”

The title of this post is a quote from my 4 year old son. When I was 4 years old, I am pretty sure I didn’t know what bok choy was; which is no fault of my parents. I am just happy my son and 2 year old daughter get to enjoy a very diverse palette of food. We live in the great city of Brooklyn, NY where on any given night, we can have bok choy, curry vegetables, or shrimp dumplings miso soup delivered right to our door. When my husband and I started our family, we soon learned that we were on the same page with feeding our kids the same foods we ate. I was happy that our pediatrician was supportive of this practice as well. With the exception of honey, our pediatrician encouraged us to feed our kids all the same foods we eat. It also encouraged my husband and I to pay more attention to what we were eating.

As a new mom, it was music to my ears that we didn’t have to prepare two separate dinners or have two completely different grocery lists. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat half as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as my kids, but even with peanut butter, we began exposing our kids to small doses of peanut butter before they hit their 1st birthday and I am happy to say neither one of them have that infamous food allergy. We haven’t discovered that either one of our kids have food allergies.

One of my early-on secret weapons for getting my son and now daughter excited about whatever we’re having for dinner is to get them involved. My son is my favorite grocery store shopping buddy. I give him choices to help decide what we’re going to get…”should we get salmon or chicken?” “You want fresh tortellini or ravioli?” It almost turns into a game when I let him pick out the beans for chili. By the way, he’s a fan of black beans, pink beans, and chickpeas (quite yummy). When we get home, I let him safely stir, pour, and observe while dinner is being made.

Mommy’s newest little helper

So happy eating and happy grocery shopping with your kiddies!!!

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