Springing forward

It never fails that daylight saving time sneaks up on me. The “springing forward” time of year is exciting to me for what it represents: hopefully warmer weather, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and long summer nights on the way. It’s when my husband plays his, “It’s really like 6 p.m., not 7 p.m.” game for a couple days. He will also soon start to joke about the ridiculous number of denim jackets I own — but you can never have too many, haha.

Spring in Brooklyn (and NYC in general) is a magical time. There are the folks that get a little too excited and start sunbathing in the park when we have three consecutive days of 60 degree weather, haha. But there is a common feeling of everyone coming out from winter hibernation. Faces aren’t completely covered up by scarves and hats anymore, which makes a simple head nod and grin visible to those we pass. More joggers are out and about, and there is the gleeful sound of kids playing on playgrounds that should be rid of any remaining dirty snow piles — hopefully!

This year, springing forward has taken on a totally new meaning for me. I am embarking on a new and exciting chapter of my life. As I mentioned in my very first post, I wanted to create my new normal. I mentioned stepping out on faith, which I did initially, but the universe had a more direct approach, haha. I was let go from my job and that step turned into a full-blown jump into my new normal. Is it scary to spring into a world of entrepreneurship? Yes! Is it frightening to want to become your own boss? Of course! But if I’ve learned anything from my life journey so far, the universe won’t present me with anything that I can’t handle and/or learn from. So as the flowers start to bloom, the denim jackets begin to appear, and the premature sunbathing in city parks commences… ask yourself, “What are you springing toward?

4 responses to “Springing forward”

  1. laydmorrisyahoocom Avatar

    I love this! So uplifting.


    1. anivebk Avatar

      Thank you – we appreciate your continued support!


  2. Rochelle Avatar

    Awesome blog!! I’m springing forward into a world of endless opportunities for myself and those who surround me!!


  3. Happy Spring…cleaning! – anive Brooklyn: a wellness lifestyle brand & blog Avatar

    […] season, there is something about the feeling of new possibilities with spring. As I’ve written previously on my blog, the idea of “springing forward” figuratively and literally (with Daylight […]


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