Traveling…without our kids!

My husband and I both love to travel. As mentioned in a previous post regarding traveling with our kids, we want to instill our love of travel in them as well. With all that being said, though, mommy and daddy need travel time without the kids, too! A few of our friends have said they envy the fact that we travel without our kids. We are VERY fortunate to have amazing grandparents that we can count on, but it’s an effort (worth taking) to plan one of our “at least once a year” solo trips without our kids. For instance, one of our two solo trips last year, I drove four hours to drop off our kids (and car) with my mom, flew out of her local, and took a connecting flight to meet my husband at the tail-end of his work trip in Europe. The return trip was identical: flying back to my mom’s local airport, staying the night, and driving back with the kids a day later.  I’d do it all again in a heartbeat because the weeklong trip with my husband was amazing! As they say, “When there is a will, there is a way!

As a matter of fact, I did do it again for the second solo trip we took last year. This time I drove to meet my in-laws at a relative’s home that was a 2 ½ hour drive and a midway point for both of us. They then dropped me off at a regional train station (again, leaving our car, haha) for me to catch a train back to my place in time for my evening flight to meet my hubby (again at the tail-end of his work travel). I know in both of these scenarios I’m doing the brunt of the travel, but I don’t mind because when I’m enjoying a romantic dinner or beach-side midday cocktail, I couldn’t  care less about how I got there. I’m there enjoying the moment in the moment!

Having kids is all about being innovative with the time you have, haha. We try to get the most bang for our buck when traveling by tacking vacations onto the end of work travel or picking places where we can city or even country hop. It’s all a part of the fun of travel for us! One week long trip can feel like two or three trips in one. So I encourage any parent reading this that has the means to travel, be it a four day weekend to a local destination or 10 days traveling the Mediterranean, do it! I always like to think of it like this: I love my kids, but I can’t forget about the person that helped me make them in the first place, haha! Happy travels!!!

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