Chief Operating Officer…of my household

Now that summer is officially over and I’ve had time to digest all the ups and downs of 2019 thus far, I am beginning to truly step into and accept my newest career role. I am proud to say I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of my household. Some may chuckle at this title I’ve given myself, but based on initial research, I currently fulfill all responsibilities of a COO. As outlined here during my online search, “a chief operating officer (COO) is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of a business.

Between managing Target subscriptions, play dates, school functions/holidays, and our family activity schedule, I am definitely utilizing all the skills I’ve honed over the course of my career to keep my family’s day-to-day life functioning. A couple of my friends have commented that I’m “fun-employed” or “living the dream”. I can admit that mediating a debate over LEGOS with a 5 and 2 year old is slightly different than navigating passive aggressive emails with colleagues trying to ensure we’re hitting timelines. However, don’t be mistaken, being a stay-at-home parent is no easy feat. 

When thinking about my career while still pursuing roles, I look at my resume and wonder what future employers may think of the infamous “gap” that appears between the beginning of this year and now (or whenever my next role may be). Though I’m not actively in a conference room rallying a team to collaborate on a project, I am actively working with PTA parents to organize and execute school fundraisers. My new COO role has made me realize that stay-at-home parents deserve more credit professionally for the day-to-day operational tasks and time management skills needed to maintain a household. 


I am not the only one that sees the untapped potential of transferable skills from navigating after-school activities to taking charge in a boardroom. Companies like The Mom Project and The Second Shift have been motivating to find as they focus on connecting women that may have “gaps” in their resume or require flexible hours with companies that support and champion the tenacity of working moms. So, in my new COO role, I might not be reporting to duty in heels and a power suit at 8am, but I do have a well packed bag with snacks, toy cars, and wipes ready for whatever corporate or household tasks that comes my way!


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