The Joy in Celebrating Birthdays!

I’ve always enjoyed celebrating birthdays. Growing up, I was the only winter baby in my family with my birthday being in January and my mom, dad, and sisters all having late July and early September birthdays. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to have countless birthday parties at roller skating rinks and birthday weekend sleepovers with family and friends. Birthdays in my household were always an occasion to be celebrated! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve met more adult friends that don’t share this notion of celebrating birthdays. I’ve met people, mostly women unfortunately, that shy away from their birthdays or lie about getting older. From what I’ve been told, they feel like it’s a reminder of where they aren’t in life. For example, they aren’t married or they aren’t a parent, or they aren’t in the place they thought that they would be in their career by a particular age.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the energy one puts into the universe and their thoughts, is exactly what they will get back from the universe. We should challenge negative thoughts about aging with positivity. Why not look at your birthday and aging as a benchmark for the life you are living – LIVING being the most important part. If you’re celebrating a birthday, it means you are currently living which is a blessing within itself. I know of family and friends that haven’t made it to what we call milestone birthdays. If a birthday isn’t something you want to celebrate, celebrate life for those that are no longer here. Again, by putting a positive spin on aging you can use your birthday as a time to focus on reassessing your goals and reprioritizing your energy. If you don’t feel like you’re in the place you want to be in your career, then what steps can you make to change that? The great Maya Angelou is my favorite author and poet. She has endless quotes of wisdom and one that resonates with me is:

Loving life goes hand-in-hand with living life and when you’re living life, that means you are celebrating those trips around the sun (a.k.a. your birthday). I am so grateful to have been raised in a family, particularly by some phenomenal women, who have always lived and loved life! I remember back in 2010, my family threw a surprise 90th birthday party for my great-grandmother. My husband jokingly said, “Is it really a good idea to throw a ‘surprise’ party for a woman turning 90?!” -haha! I will never forget the look on her face when she came into that party hall and saw all those people there to celebrate her. The love and joy in that space at that moment was palpable. I can’t speak for my great-grandmother and how she felt in that moment, but I know how it made me feel. Seeing her smile, give and receive hugs and kisses, and dance (yes, she was dancing, haha), reassured me that life just keeps getting better and better when you embrace living!

As January comes to an end and I celebrate not only my 40th birthday this year but also my daughter’s 5th birthday and my nephew’s 1st birthday (all this week – no longer the only winter baby, wahoo!), I am filled with so much love and joy for the many, many, birthday celebrations I am hopeful that we all have to come! Happy Birthday!

One response to “The Joy in Celebrating Birthdays!”

  1. queenof3guys Avatar

    Such a wonderful post and great reminder about living life to the fullest. I too celebrate birthdays and often tell people that it is a holiday of ME. Sounds crazy but as I live longer, I realize that it is truly a BLESSING to live to celebrate another year of life. Thanks for another good read Anive! Keep them coming 😉


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