It’s Vision Board Season!

This year my children got a day off from school for the Lunar New Year. Their school did a great job the day before the break to explain the holiday and shared links to educate parents and caretakers as well. Traditionally, I’ve loved celebrating the Gregorian calendar New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! I would feel such excitement and positive energy around the idea of a new year starting. I felt like I had to get all my intention setting and goals ironed out on January 1st! However, over the last couple of years, I’ve taken a more reflective approach to not just the first day of the Gregorian calendar but the entire month of January. It’s been great giving myself time to decompress and relax from all the pomp and circumstance of the December holiday season. I also celebrate my birthday in January which gives me time to really enjoy and reflect on another trip around the sun. So this year, the idea of celebrating a new year at the beginning of February was welcomed with open arms.

One of my new year activities, like many people, is creating a vision board. I like to think of a vision board as a visual journaling session for the new year. What intentions am I setting? What goals do I have for the new year? What trips do I want to take? Visualization is a strong tool when utilizing manifestation. I like to think of vision boards as the “homework” or “assignment” when manifesting. As I’m currently working on my 2022 vision board during this Lunar New Year window of 15 days, I wanted to share a few tips:

  • Try to keep a “reserve” of magazine clippings from year-to-year. Vision boards are about creating the visual representation of how you plan on feeling, living, and being so those positive images should be able to roll over from year-to-year. I’ve been utilizing some of the same packs of stickers for the last couple years. I utilize the aniveBK Signature Wellness stickers of course, as well as The Happy Planner sticker collections.
  • Use a mixture of words and images. I like finding phrases that can become mantras that are easy to repeat throughout the day. I clip images of people that look like me expressing happiness, excitement, and thriving the way I plan to be!
  • Be as specific as you desire when it comes to your vision. I myself and other people I know put exact dollar amounts they want to see in their bank account or savings. Go ahead and list the exact locations for vacations and experiences you plan on taking.
  • Remember to place your vision board in a place that you’ll see it everyday. Having the visual reminder daily implants those awesome images and words in your thoughts everyday. What dominates our thoughts is what the universe brings into our lives!

Grab your card-stock paper, scissors, magazine clippings, and stickers to get started on creating the life you deserve for 2022 – New Year!

2 responses to “It’s Vision Board Season!”

  1. queenof3guys Avatar

    Such a timely post and great tips on manifesting the life of our dreams! I am really enjoying this blog. Keep the gems coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. laydmorrisyahoocom Avatar

    This blog post is so timely since I have on my “to do” list for this week…”vision board”! I collect magazines over the course of the year☺️ Thanks for the reminders!!!


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