Happy Spring…cleaning!

It’s that time of year again….the days feel a little longer, the jackets are a little lighter, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Spring is in the air! Even though fall is my favorite season, there is something about the feeling of new possibilities with spring. As I’ve written previously on my blog, the idea of “springing forward” figuratively and literally (with Daylight Saving Time) makes me think of new beginnings. It also makes me think of making room for what’s new – figuratively and literally – with a good spring cleaning. I LOVE getting organized year around but in the spring, my tidy senses go into overdrive, haha. And just incase you didn’t know…decluttering is a part of wellness (it always comes back to wellness y’all). Below are a few areas I like to focus on when it comes to spring cleaning:

CLOTHES: I get excited when I can pack my big winter coat away, haha, so that’s where I start. I go through all the winter accessories me and my family tend to leave throughout our house and put them in their proper stored away place. Living in NYC means we have to make the most of our space and we are fortunate to have storage in our building. We have containers to properly make a seasonal wardrobe shift. As I’m switching seasonal clothes, I am mindful of clothes I can donate and what I want to keep for another season. If you live in an area with a cold winter, I’m sure you’ll feel a little bit of joy packing up those gloves, mittens, heavy scarfs, winter coats, and snow boots – byeeee!

LINENS: I have heavier bed sheets for the winter so in the spring I get excited to pack up the flannel sheets and bust out the lovely linen sheets. I sometimes switch out my duvet and comforter for a quilt in the warmer months. Even if you don’t have a different weight to your sheets from season to season, changing your comforter or sheet design to something that feels more like “spring” is fun too. Spring is a great time of year to change up your bedroom linen and bathroom towel decor.

KIDS CRAFTS & ARTWORK: I love to encourage a creative space for my children. Providing such a space also means I tend to turn into an actual children museum curator, haha. Spring is a great time to go through toys and crafts that have been made during those cold, snowy weekends over the last couple months. My kids like to gather toys and books that they’ve out grown and donate them to younger kids in our building or community. I believe teaching my children about the joy of decluttering is setting them up for a healthy wellness space as they get older.

REFRIGERATOR/PANTRY: Our refrigerator recently needed repair, so it forced me to take everything out of it. Doing so was the perfect opportunity to get rid of a few random jars of jams, pickles, and sauces that had passed their prime. I was able to really clean the fridge out and once it was fixed, I felt like I was moving into a new place with a brand new fridge. Maybe it’s just me, but I get excited to reconfigure and load an empty refrigerator, haha! Same goes for a pantry space – take the time to go through and clean out any outdated items and rearrange what you have to make sure it’s making sense for you.

Some people LOVE the idea of cleaning but I know it’s not for everyone. I also know that it’s not always the first thing someone would like to spend precious free time doing. If you want or need to outsource your spring cleaning, that’s cool too! I follow Tidied By K on Instagram and her before and afters give me goosebumps – I LOVE a freshly organized space!

However you decide to tackle spring cleaning, it’s definitely one of the best ways to go into this new season and time of year. So if you’re lighting a candle, putting on some good music, and starting to clean OR enjoying a newly decluttered space that someone has done for you – just know that you’re setting yourself up to really enjoy all that spring has to offer – Happy Spring!

3 responses to “Happy Spring…cleaning!”

  1. laydmorrisyahoocom Avatar

    I LOVE the idea of Spring cleaning and recently went through my closet! I’ll be doing some more as the days get warmer and warmer. Thanks for another awesome post!!


  2. queenof3guys Avatar

    Great blog! Thanks for the wonderful reminders, helpful tips, and managing to make cleaning seem fun…especially to us moms juggling SO many things during this time of year, lol. Keep the gems coming Anive!


  3. The January Detox – anive Brooklyn: a wellness lifestyle brand & blog Avatar

    […] for the new year. I’m doing a “Declutter January”! Similar to my post regarding Spring Cleaning, there is something very rewarding and beneficial to your wellness journey when you declutter the […]


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