The January Detox

Happy New Year! With a new year comes a new start, a fresh beginning. With a fresh start, folks tend to want to have a clean slate. What better way to get to a clean slate than through a detox. There are lots of ways to detox from participating in “Dry January” to starting an eating clean regime to start the year off right. This January, I’m taking a different detox approach to create a clean slate for the new year. I’m doing a “Declutter January”! Similar to my post regarding Spring Cleaning, there is something very rewarding and beneficial to your wellness journey when you declutter the space around you. Here’s how I plan to tackle the clutter in my home to free up physical and mental space in my life:

The Nightstand

Though this space might not seem like a leading area to focus on, it should be. My nightstand is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I see at night before I go to bed. My nightstand currently holds all the books I “plan” to read, old magazines I “plan” to read, journals, notebooks, and pens…and that’s just the top part, haha. I have a whole area at the bottom housing coloring books, crayons, color pencils, more magazines, and a bin that quite honestly I don’t know what’s inside. If I fuss at my kids for keeping their room in order, I must do the same. My goal is to keep it simple and only house what I am actually reading and my journal and pens. Who knows, once I free up some space maybe I can add a vase of flowers or a plant! That would be a lovely sight to wake up to in the morning.

The “Infamous” Utility Drawer

I was talking to one of my sisters recently and she just watched the most recent documentary from The Minimalists called Less is Now. It instantly made her want to tackle her pantry and utility drawer. Now for those of you who might not be familiar with the utility drawer, it’s that random drawer normally in your kitchen that is the catch all for just about anything. From old soy sauce packets to rubber-band balls, scissors to spare keys – it can all be found in the utility drawer. I have gotten better at taking care of this drawer throughout the year since it tends to need it. The random kitchen gadgets we have can some times get out of position causing the drawer to not close or open properly, haha. It’s always a good idea to take stock and ask, “do we really need 3 citrus peelers?”

The Storage Unit

Last but not least is the storage unit. We are fortunate enough to have a storage room in the basement of our building in Brooklyn. With such great fortune comes just another spot to accumulate stuff, haha. I need to get back on my Facebook Marketplace game to turn my junk into cash. I plan to take some pictures and create new posts for the old furniture and coats collecting dust. I also plan to donate toys that my little ones have out grown. As the old saying goes – one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

With this first full weekend of 2023, I’m going to spend sometime “detoxing” these areas in my home. I’m going to get my kids in on the action too because it’s never too early to make them aware of the benefits of decluttering. Happy Cleaning!

2 responses to “The January Detox”

  1. Lady Avatar

    Great suggestions on areas to declutter. Made me want to take a look at my own night stand. And I love the idea of having a small plant or flowers there!! Happy New Year to you as well. 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. anivebk Avatar

      Happy to help in your new year, new start!


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